Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Spending my birthday with some Friends.

My 18th Birthday landed on our third day in New York so we spent the day doing some shopping and visiting the Friends pop up shop cafe, which was in New York until the 18th of October so I knew it was a must see. Located on Lafayette Street in the Soho neighbourhood. If you are a big friends fan like me its amazing to see as there is cast outfits, props from the show such as Monica's engagement ring, Ross's comic book and the gold frame from the back of Monica and Rachel's door. You were offered free cups of Eight o'clock coffee and a chance to spend as much time as you wanted in the beloved Central Perk, with signed copes of scripts and a flat screen showing highlights of our favourite episodes.

We visited a few shops in the Soho area - my favourite neighbourhood in New York - as well as eating in a cute little restaurant called Soho Park a beautiful restaurant full of trendy New Yorkers who are on their lunch breaks. With food served in baskets and lights hanging from the ceiling makes this restaurant a Pinterest pin up if you are ever in the area defiantly check it out.

For tea we went to this lovely little Italian restaurant called Patsy's a family run business with great service and great food. My sister and I had this lovely pasta and herb tomato sauce dish and for desert a slice of cake with a candle with a few of the servers singing Happy Birthday.

Back to the morning of my birthday I was surprised with a Birthday cake from Carlo's Bakery the famous bakery from the show Cake Boss. The cake was chocolate butter cream icing with a picture of Friends then a fluffy sponge with vanilla cream icing in the middle. Delicious

 Join me for the third instalment of my Trip to New York.
Aimee xo 

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