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Friends a show based around six 20 something adults in New York as they deal with dating, break up, new jobs and career choices. Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Ross became fast house hold name and proved to be six friends that will always be there for you!

Born two years after the show first aired in September 1994, I have watched Friends for as long as I can remember. I grew up watching Friends, I remember every Friday night as new episode would air me and my mum would sit down and watch Friends. The one episode I vividly remember watching when I was young was Monica and Chandlers wedding episode and I would have been about 5 or 6 at the time.

With Friends it wasn't just a Tv show these characters became real friends who you would tune into watch their antics and laugh until you cried. For me I know every episode, and seen everyone a million times and can find a moment like Friends every day - or as Monica said to Chandler "If you know it through a wall you know it too well"- I still laugh at every episode and cry every time the camera pans Monica's empty apartment.

No other show of it genre will ever be as great as Friends, don't get me wrong there are many great shows out there but none will match the phenomena that is Friends. Ever since people have tried to create shows that will have a big audience, a show that will be known all over the world but there will  never be a show like this.

Monica and Chandler, Rachel and Ross, Phoebe and Joey became characters that everyone saw themselves in, Ross taught us to embrace our inner nerd, Phoebe thought us that its okay to be a little crazy, Monica thought us its okay to control aspects of our life, Joey thought us its okay to show our sensitive sides, Chandler proved that its okay to laugh at our selves and Rachel proved that its okay to be a little materialistic. A show that will it still timeless  20 years after it first aired and one that will never go out of style, Friends will always be there for you!

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