Friday, 4 April 2014

California Road Trip

In Summer last year me and my family went on a California Road Trip. It was one of the best holiday's I've ever been on and I'm going to share some photos with you of our trip. While we in the States we also flew across to New York which you can see my blog post on here .

We flew from the UK to San Francisco where we started our trip. We stayed there for a few days then began our journey from San Francisco to San Diego. During the trip which lasted 2 weeks we stopped off at Yosemite national park, Monterey Bay and we traveled down the Big Sur. We then Stopped off in Burbank for a night and also took a visit to The Warner Brothers Studio, where we got to see the Friends set and sit on the famous Orange sofa! (its a lot smaller than you think)

The Next morning we carried on our trip across state lines to Las Vegas Nevada for a couple of nights, which altogether was a great experience even though the heat unbearable. After Vegas we headed back to California and onto Los Angeles. Los Angeles was my favourite place in California, during our time there we visited Santa Barbra- I have never seen anywhere as beautiful as Santa Barbra. We also visited Santa Monica where we cycled along the beach all the way to Venice Beach, I  just wish I could do that every day. Then onto San Diego where we only stayed one night but we did have time to squeeze in a little visit to Comic Con which was happening that weekend. I've never been one for all the Comic books,superhero or marvel characters but it was amazing to see how much effort people put into their costumes to look like there favourite characters. This was without a doubt one of the best holiday's I've ever had and allowed me to have a variety of new and different experiences, I'm already planning my next trip to the states!

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