Thursday, 6 March 2014

Spend Spend Spend!

As soon as pay day came around at the end of january my pay check left my bank account as quickly as it came in so as you can tell I've spend my earnings well this month! Half way through gathering up all my recent purchases, I realised that this is a little hard when we are in the middle of packing up our house to move and most of these said purchases are already boxed up and are currently sitting in a storage room as I type. I was tempted to rip open a couple of the boxes to fish out my purchases but think my mum might disown me .. I Kid.

I had plans on saturday night which I decided to wear my new little black dress for, which i'm in love with but didn't take any photographs of me wearing in but i will include the dress in March's Haul post. So i decided to compliment my new favourite Little Black Dress with red accessories, on of which included my new Red Shoes. I have been wanting a pair of red shoes to tap my feet together and wish for home ever since I first seen the Wizard of Oz. So off I headed to New Look where I found these lovely little -or size 8's in my case- heels. While I was there I also picked up the Nude pair of heels as I'm loving the simple jeans and heels look at the moment and I thought these were perfect.

Then as my shopping trips are never without a stop into Topshop where I purchased this cute Chiffon Printed Headband  which I thought would be great little accessory for when I wear my hair in a bun! While I was in Topshop I also picked up a necklace set in the picture below, which i thought would look great as a statement piece over a simple t-shirt or dress. I also picked up a new Ted Baker iPad case from John Lewis, as I mentioned in my Whats In My Bag post that its great for traveling every where with my iPad. 

From Topshop I also picked up this cute little Green Concertina Bag  which I thought is great for adding a splash of  colour to an outfit and its also a perfect size for everyday essentials. I've been loving grey jumpers at the moment so I was especially happy when I found the grey jumper pictured below in Zara and on Sale! (similar here) You can imagine my excitement when I found out it was only £7.99 and my size!!!  While in Topshop I also picked up a Navy Tube Midi Skirt. This skirt is a great skirt for everyday wear as it's not too dressy and I have loved wearing it ever since I picked it up. 

One of my favourite purchases of the month was my Marc by Marc Jacobs Baker watch. I have never really been someone who wears a watch everyday but once I'd seen this on another blog I fell in love with the watch and haven't stopped wearing it since it was purchased! Defiantly a good investment piece that goes with almost every outfit. 

Aimee xo 

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