Sunday, 23 February 2014

Whats in my Bag

I thought I'd do a Whats in my Bag post this week as i've seen these around on a few blogs and thought it would be fun to do.

First off my bag, my baby, my Michael Kors Selma bag in Tan. I bought this just last month and it was my first big splurge but it was worth the strain on my credit card. I don't use this bag as often as I should but its just to precious. I am definitely a bag person I have far too many, but its safe to say I won't be spending as much money on the next bag I purchase.

Then we have my Michael Kors purse, I take this every where I go ever since I purchased this in the Michael Kors store in New York and its my one and only piece from my Michael Kors collection that is actually purchased from a proper Michael Kors shop -and trust me there is a big collection- Its a great wallet purse perfect for everyday use.

My newest addition to my collection of day to day essentials. This Ted Baker iPad case is great for traveling with my iPad as i'm constantly traveling into the city centre for work and staying at my Grandparents over night so this is great for carrying my iPad everywhere I go! The case has a cushioning which is great for protecting the iPad and the cases as i'm a bit clumsy and have already broken a couple of my iPad cases..

Another of my Ted Baker collection is my Ted Baker Make up case. I bought this on a shopping trip in Glasgow not really knowing what I was going to do with it but I thought it was too cute not to purchase. It has sort of turned into a make up bag that I just carry about all my different lipsticks in. Just now like i said previously I'm always back and forth to work and living out of a suit case as I live out side the city it's sometimes easier to stay with my Grandparents in the city so this comes in handy whenever I'm out I have my lipsticks with me for whatever shade of lipstick I'm in the mood to wear.

There is also my little essentials purse in purple which i've had for years which i got as part of a set for christmas one year and it has come in handy for carrying about my essential everyday needs! My bag is also scattered with a few other essential needs such as my hand cream which currently is L'Occitane En Provence Creme Mains Peaux Seches which is a great thick cream which keeps my hand extremely soft. A tub of vaseline can always be found in my bag as i'm always applying some to my lips especially in this cold weather we've been having lately i try too keep my lips soft. Headphones can also be found tangled at the bottom of my bag as I can't leave the house without a set -or my phone for that matter- as with all the traveling back and forth I do it's good to just get lost in my music collection. One item that I always end up putting in my bag just in case is my faux Ray-Bans for whenever we get a sunny day here in Scotland which as of now is in very few supply.

 Thanks for reading and hope to see you all next week!

                                                                        Aimee xo

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