Monday, 17 February 2014

Quick little Post

I was contemplating writing a blog post this week, I've been so stressed between problems with the blog design and college, I just had'nt had time to think of a good blog post. But while out enjoying drinks with friends last night I came up with a new blog idea!! 

I've been watching Sex and the city non stop the past two weeks and it got me thinking I've always heard people saying "who out of sex in the city are you most like?" So while having drinks with my friends I wondered who out of the Sex in the City girls are we most like? And trust me it was easy to figure out...

For me the more I thought about it I think I'm very much a Charlotte but also I'm a bit like Carrie. I just wish I had a New York apartment and a closet and shoes like Carrie's because even my work shoes would put Carrie Bradshaw to shame.  Then I realised why do we ask the question "who are we most like" because they are relatable, they are real women, with normal jobs and their love life's are not all happy endings. 

While writing this post I also thought out of the other shows I watch who am i more similar too. Am I a Rachel ,Monica or Phoebe, a Serena or a Blair. When It came to Gossip girl I realised  I'm more of a Blair but a little less "Queen B" a little more the Blair we see in the final series of Gossip Girl. Although Serena is my favourite and with Blake Lively being one of my biggest inspirations who could blame me.. I just wish I had a fashion sense like Serena and all her confidence... 

Just a fun little post for this week, let me know who you are most like in the comments below. I hopefully will be back posting better posts next week!! 



  1. Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
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    1. Hi Thank You!
      Yeah sure i just followed you and checked out your blog.
      I like your blog!
      Lovely to hear from you Aimee

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